VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage

This 5 day course will teach you the skills and knowledge to become a qualified massage therapist.

An essential part of this qualification is Anatomy & Physiology knowledge; therefore we spend 2 days focusing on the systems of the body, finishing with 2 Anatomy & Physiology exam papers. Without this knowledge and complete exams in Anatomy & Physiology you will be unable to gain the Swedish massage qualification or any further massage qualifications. However on successful completion of the Anatomy & Physiology unit, any further massage course you take, will focus purely on that treatment and will therefore be much easier!


 • Anatomy & Physiology
• Swedish massage routine
• Contra-indications to treatment
• Contra-actions & aftercare
• Massage mediums
• Massage movements and effects
• Adaptation to treatment
• Effect & benefits of massage on body systems


COST: £500